Daring Charming Coloring Page


Here you hava another Ever After High boy ready to be colored! Daring Charming is the son of the King Charming and the brother of Dexter Charming. He is obviously quite charming and hansome, but sometimes he is a little bit vain. He has blonde hair, grey-blue eyes and white skin.

In this drawing he is holding his shield and he is leaning on his sword. Wearing proudly his golden crown.

At his Happily Ever After he is supposed to be married with Apple White.

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Daring Charming Coloring Page

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  1. Is there a daring charming doll. My granddaughter has all the dolls and keeps asking for dexters big brother haven’t been able to find it any where.if not do you intend to make one .There are two of many dolls why not all characters

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