Cerise Hood Spring Unsprung Doll


Here you have Cerise Hood in her Spring Unsprung outfit, specially designed for her by Lizzie Hearts. This is the dress that Cerice will show in the Spring fair catwalk.


Red eyeshadow arround her eyes and super dark red lipstick, almost like plum red.


Like the rest of the girls Cerise has an amazing floral headband made by a big bunch of little white flowers and some pink small fruits like berries.

Cedar has a beautiful twist braid hairdo and a straight bang. She has two highlights, the bigger in purple and the smallest in white.

Her earrings are little silver branches that mach her earring and her bracelet.

Her outfit stands out by her awesome red shoulder pad which are removable of the back. The shoulder pad is attached to a red with silver lines hood made with a really soft material


Her outfit is high low dress going arround which is like a jacket with a black plastic belt in the middle. The jacket has a black and white squared pattern with some berries spread all over it. The jacket is two leyered with a second layer in red color. Underneath you find a black dress. She is wearing white leggins with red and purple flowers.

Her purse is black and brown with fruts and vaine texture.


The black laquer high heel boots also have a bunch of flowers al along the boot matching her floral crown.
Cerise Hood Spring Unsprung Doll Box

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