Cerise Hood Legacy Day outfit Dress up


As the doll is already released now we can enjoy a new game of Cerise Hood featuring the Legacy Day Oufit. You can try on to Cerise very different types of clothes with a wide color range. Even you can play around with the wolf hood!

Enjoy it!

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  1. Why do people like monster high there creepy, ugly, and sons and daughters of greek gods which is very bad! I prefer EAH and OUAT.

  2. GeeWillikers1940

    i can’t imagine how monster high is more popular that ever after high. i don’t HATE monster high, im just not interested in it. The dolls here are much cooler to me and i like fairytales better than spooky stories.

  3. First of all it doesn’t matter if u r a eah or mh fan but it doesn’t mean that u should go bagging on one another about what they like I personally like both eah and mh other toys etc. but I do hAve a question for Captain Swan, what does OUAT mean I have never heard of that.

  4. I have whached the movie twice i love ever after high but i only have one doll cerise hood shes cool im getting apple white next.

  5. I totally love ever after high it is my most favourite thing and I also have all the ever after high dolls and clothing. next I am getting 5 more boxes of ever after high things
    from your best friend Raven xxxxxxxx

  6. kelani McClendon

    I have the book and I loved it even when ducsses swan alarm clock was a goose she was up like so early

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