Cerise Hood Legacy Day Doll


She is wearing her signature red riding hood with a beautiful and amazing hood. It is detailed with the branches representing the woods that the red riding hood was running in.
Cerise Hoood Legacy Day doll box

She has side bangs with white strips and a pretty ponytail. She also has a wolf design pin on her head.
Cerise Hood legacy day doll hood

Focusing on her make up, we have to say that, she has a very beautiful dark smokey makeup on.

And about her jewelry she has one earring with long chains, some bracelets and the Ever After High signature ring of two fingers.

Just at the front of the neck she has a silver hood clasp, a really nicely detail, with a shape of two wolves. Her necklace is kind a red ropes and chains.
Cerice  Hood Legacy day doll purse

Her outfit is shorter in the front than it is in the back. It just has a black and white checkered design and a leather belt on the waist. All her outfit has some glitter around it, giving it a nice shimmery royal touch.

Under her skirt she has red translucent stockings and a pair of beautiful detailed black with a silver and black chain.

Cerise Hood Legacy Day doll outfit

The accessories that Cerice come with: Large key brush with Ever After High logo. A miniature key and a miniature legacy book that can be opened. And finally her bag which can be opened and looks like a picnic basket and has red detailings.

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