Cerise Hood Hat-Tastic Party Doll


Here is Cerise Hood for the Hat-Tastic doll line. Ready for the wonderlandiful party hosted by Maddie! She comes in an aqua box like the other ones in this line.

She has black hair with red strips on the left side of her bangs. She is wearing a little brown hat because of Maddie’s request, which asked her friends to wear the most tea-rrific hat.

She has a black top with puffy sleeves and a red bodice with the softly hood connected. Her skirt has a red laced peplum with plat details on it, and the bottom part is red with leaves with a heart and some teacups.

Her jewelry is silver color earrings that look like teacups, a silver neclace and a black bracelet made with ropes. Her hands are covered with black textured gloves.

She owns a little black purse with red details, some lacings and with double handle.

She brings her teacups and teapot, and they are really cute, made to look like woven pickinick baskets.

She is wearing some black boots made like leather, with red ribbons, and then, she has lace socks.

Cerise Hoos Hat-Tastic Party Doll

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