Cerise Hood Doll – First Wave


This doll is Cerise Hood and is from the first wave of Ever After High character dolls. She is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

She has a secret that wants to keep, so she is a little individual and reserved with her classmates. In fact she has wolf-like tendencies and outbreaks, and this is a huge inconvenience as she is trying to hide her heritage.

Cerise has a beautiful rounded face with peach skin and brown hair with several white steaks. An small nose and a gorgeous grey eyes. Her style is merged with some kind of punk style elements but combined with so many elegance. She uses darker colours along with red, and of course she has her mother’s famous red hood. Do you know what she hides under it? She has wolf ears!

Look at this amazing belt on her waist and the beautiful cape with fright tree silhouettes! They make Cerise Hood a unique girl.

Doll comes with a doll stand, doll hairbrush and bookmark with her character story and she is supposed to be relased on January 2014.

Cerise Hood doll in the market to buy with her diary and brush
Cerise Hood doll with her accessories
Cerise Hood Doll with a forest backgrond and beautiful illumination of photography photshoot
Cerise Hood Doll
Detailed photo of the hand and basket of Cerise doll
Cerise Hood Basket

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  1. my sister can’t wait till this doll is out.
    Cerise Hood is one of her favorite character in Ever After High. she love Ever After High. she and many other girl are going to go crazy try to git the hands on this doll.

  2. Well I don’t understand why she has wolf mixed with little red ridding hood little red ridding hood never married the big bad wolf I don’t understand didn’t he die at the end

  3. I have she is sooooooooooo amazing!!!! Ariana one time I did dress like her!! (but I didn’t have a cloak like hers)

  4. I have her. If you want her you can get her at Target, Walmart, and Justive I got her from justice I ordered her and got Cerise hood on Monday

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