Cerise Hood Character


Cerise Hood is the daughter of the famous Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. It seems that they ended together…

Cerise is a reserved individual but she seems to be on good terms with most of students. Her wolf-like tendencies are a secret that she wants to keep of public knowledge. This could be the main reason because she is not very involved with her classmates.

Cerise owns a pet direwolf named Carmine.

Cerise Hood Character

Cerise Hood’s Mirror

Side: Rebel

Cerise’s Roommate: Cedar Wood

Parent’s Story: Little Red Riding Hood

Her Secret Heart’s Desire: She sometimes just want to prouldly howl to the world: “I’m proud of who I am!”. She hopes someday she can.

Her “Magic” Touch: The speed of enhanced sense of her father, plus her magic red cloak lets her travl unseen through shadows. Wicked cool, huh?

Her Storybook Romance Status: She is really shy around boys, but she has always been drawn tot the leader of the pack.

Her “Oh Courses!” Moment:  She always has to hide her ears under her hood. If anyone finds out her parents where the first Rebels, they could be in big ba trouble!

Her Favourite Subject: Grimmnastics, especially croos country running. Maybe it’s because she runs like the wind.

Her Least Favourite Subject:  Chemythstry. She sometimes feel like she has a hard time mixing well with others.

Her Best Friends Forever After: Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter and Cedar Wood.

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  1. I love crease hood athough she is a rebel I think she has. Potential and a good heart she is just like her dad she runs fast, when she gets eritated she turns into a wolf like creature.

  2. I like her. She’s kind of shy, but I know one day that she’ll yell “hey look at me!”

  3. I have gotten the doll and must I say she is my favorite doll yet.(I also have raven and Maddie) one others thing is that I got cerise and she is missing that one streak of white hair(she has the one in her bangs)

  4. i realy realy realy realy love cerice hood shes very pretty when i first saw her in ever after high i thought her hair is short but when i whatch ever after high cat who cried wolf i saw her hair its long and becuse of that episode shes my fav. character now.

  5. Who else thought it was weird that Red riding hood and The gib bad wolf ended together

  6. Haileyhatter320

    i love this doll i got her yesterday. she is my favorite doll and character by far. i love the mystery behind her character. i also have Raven queen. i love how briar beauty is all YOLO. #i love ever after high!