Cerise Hood is the daughter of the famous Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. It seems that they ended together…

Cerise is a reserved individual but she seems to be on good terms with most of students. Her wolf-like tendencies are a secret that she wants to keep of public knowledge. This could be the main reason because she is not very involved with her classmates.

Cerise owns a pet direwolf named Carmine.

Cerise Hood Character

Cerise Hood’s Mirror

Side: Rebel

Cerise’s Roommate: Cedar Wood

Parent’s Story: Little Red Riding Hood

Her Secret Heart’s Desire: She sometimes just want to prouldly howl to the world: “I’m proud of who I am!”. She hopes someday she can.

Her “Magic” Touch: The speed of enhanced sense of her father, plus her magic red cloak lets her travl unseen through shadows. Wicked cool, huh?

Her Storybook Romance Status: She is really shy around boys, but she has always been drawn tot the leader of the pack.

Her “Oh Courses!” Moment:  She always has to hide her ears under her hood. If anyone finds out her parents where the first Rebels, they could be in big ba trouble!

Her Favourite Subject: Grimmnastics, especially croos country running. Maybe it’s because she runs like the wind.

Her Least Favourite Subject:  Chemythstry. She sometimes feel like she has a hard time mixing well with others.

Her Best Friends Forever After: Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter and Cedar Wood.

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