Cedar Wood Spring Unsprung doll


This is the¬†Cedar Wood Spring Unsprung Doll, where she is wearing, like the rest of the girls, an outfit that has been designed by Lizzie Hearts, specially designed for each one of them. The girls will be showing Lizzie’s creations in the spring unsprung catwalk.

Cedar is wearing a pink flower crown at the thop of her hair, since this dress is spring ispired. Her brown hair has also some pink highlights mixed with purple.

Her jewlery is gold and are like branches and flowers. She brings a ring in this style which you can wear.

She wears a matching pink eye shadow all over her eye, and glossy cherry lips in a heart shape in the middle.

What is very unique of this doll is the flower shoulder piece, that covers all her shoulders and her nape, and which is attached to her full body amazing belt.


If you look at the patter of her dress is like wood, with a second layer with flowers.


Cedar comes as always with a key brush and a bookmark featuring spring unsprung story. And this time she also brings a two finger ring for you.


Roses are the main theme of Cedar’s outfit as you can see her leggins are a bunch of roses in white and pink that match with all other pink accessories in floral designs.


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