Cedar Wood Hat-Tastic Party Doll


What is unique from Cedar Wood is her wooden texture brown skin all over her body.

Cedar Wood Hat Tastic party doll

Then we have the lovely hair combination with a nice chestnut color brown with cotton candypurple strips, it is so sweet looking. Her hair is also styled with this side ponytail. She also wears a little pink hat with a beautiful purple feather.

Cedar Wood Hat tastic party face

Focusing on her face she has really nice make-up, she has different shades of purple on her eyes. Her lips are in pink color just in the center like a doll.

She has a golden earring which looks a lot like a ribbon with a button. She is wearing black gloves on her hands with white ruffle endings like teacup shape.

What is really special about her dress is the pink color at the bodice which is very beautiful. The neck is ruffled all around the neck and the sleeves are puffy, they both are made of a fishnet black fabric. At the bottom of her outfit, she wears an skirt with a floral pattern at the top and also a nice drawings of teacups and silhouettes.

Her shoes are gorgeous, they are almost like mary jane shoes, the only differences are that there’s an open heel more like a sandal, and the golden heel, which that goes really well with the pastel purple.

This doll comes with:

  • Stand
  • Hairbrush
  • Two teacups
  • One teapot
  • Picnic Basket

Cedar Wood Hat Tastic Party Shoes
Cedar Wood Hat Tastic party Box

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  1. wow she is beutiful whish i had a better fate . why do i have to be evil? oh hey apple whey did you put my head phones?

  2. ravan do you mean where ? there under youre vanity table !:) cedar youre so beutiful like me !

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