Cedar Wood Character


She is Cedar Wood of Ever After High, is the daughter of Pinocchio, and she is on the Rebel side with the general belief that people should choose its own destiny.

As the daughter of Pinocchio one might expect Cedar to be an experienced liar as her father. But in fact is the opposite. When she was at young age, her father made a Truth spell cast on her, since then she can’t lie and always says the truth.

Is for that reason that her friends are very careful about what they say around her. Cedar understand her friends and dosn’t blame them and tries to protect any secrets she does come accross. This situation won’t change until Cedar start her story.

Although her lieing problems she is a bit talkative but quite shy. Cedar has a beautiful wood brown skin, like the cedar wood color, as well as her hair with hazel eyes.

Cedar Wood Card


Cedar Wood’s Mirror

Side: Rebel

Cedar’s Roommate: Cerise Hood

Parent’s Story: The Adventures of Pinocchio

Her Secret Heart’s Desire: She wants to be a real girl, but mostly she just want to choose what she wants (or don’t want) to say.

Her “Magic” Touch: She’s an hexcellent swimmer because she always float! Being made of magical wood has its advantages -she says.

Her Storybook Romance Status: She cannot tell a lie, a relationship is not exacly her top priority right now.

Her “Oh Courses!” Moment: Because of her course, she can’t keep a secret. It’s not her fauld, but her friends have to be really careful what they say around me.

Her Favourite Subject: Arts & Crafts. Whether she’s painting, drawing or sculpting, she feels most free when she’s being creative.

Her Least Favourite Subject: Woodshop. All those saws and sand belts give her stress splinters.

Her Best Friends Forever After: Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter and Cerise Hood.

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  1. She is my favorite she is so pretty and I can’t blame her for being careful around her friends she can’t help it.

  2. GeeWillikers1940

    does Cedar Wood take place before of after Pino turns into a real boy? because if he’s a real boy(man?) then Cedar wouldn’t be a puppet. but if Pinocchio grew up as a puppet, that wouldn’t make sense either because puppets can’t grow up, hence a good reason for him to be a real boy in the first place( as told in The Adventures of Pinocchio and in different movie versions)
    sorry for ruining it, as a Pinocchio fan, I must know how this works XD

  3. I have just started reading the ever after high book a wonderlandifil world and Ceadar is so nice . I also like Madeline hatter and Lizzie hearts.

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