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Lizzie Shuffles the deck video 7

Lizzie Shuffles The Deck

Here is a new chapter starring Lizzie Hearts. Do you think Lizzie is an evil person? Although she is a Royal, sometimes she seems to

August 56, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Apple's Princess Practice 4

Apple’s Princess Practice

This is an episode exclusively dedicated to Apple White. How do you imagine an Apple typical day? Go with apple in this video and she

August 09, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Lizzie Hearts fairytale first date 7

Lizzie Hearts Fairytale First Date

As we had announced some days before… Daring Charming and Lizzi Hearts have a date! What an incredible one! Now we have the webisode to

July 00, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party 7

Maddie’s Hat-Tastic Party

There is something wrong at Wonderland groove and Maddeline Hatter is aware of that. Her friends and she have to do something to give a

July 24, 2014 Ever After High Videos
O'Hair Split Ends Video 4

O’Hair Split Ends

Here is a new webisode starring Rapunzel daughters! This video shares a secret about who is the real next Rapunzel that the twins’ grandma will reveal.

July 58, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Poppy the Roybel video 2

Poppy the Roybel

In this chapter there are two new characters presented! They were first released in a doll and now we can see them in action. We

June 44, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Blondie Branches Out 3

Blondie Branches Out

This is a new episode starring Blondie Lockes. Today at class students are assigned a new project which consists into trace their family trees with

June 29, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Once Upon a Table Video 6

Once Upon a Table

Today Blondie Lockes is reviewing Wonderland’s Haberdashery Hat & Tea Shoppe. Girls are helping Madeline to tone down the wonder of her family tea shop before the

May 13, 2014 Ever After High Videos
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