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Spring Unsprung: Save the Wonder

Cerise Hood, Raven Queen, Briar Beauty and Holly O’Hair, seem to be the only ones aware of the big problem that is threating school students.

March 37, 2015 Ever After High Videos
somethings-wicked-at-ever-after-high 0

Spring Unsprung: Something’s wicked at Ever After High

Ever After High students are acting totally upside down. There’s something very strange attacking people at The Book End. Have fun watching how this fairy students

March 42, 2015 Ever After High Videos
going-topsy-turvy 0

Spring Unsprung: Going Topsy Turvy

Could be possible to see Apple becoming mad?! Maybe if she falls under a scriptflipping spell, it could be..! Watch what happens at the Spring

March 55, 2015 Ever After High Videos
trading-places 2

Spring Unsprung: Trading Places

Kitty Cheshire’s mum is very mad! Look at what she does to Alistair Woderland and Bunny Blanc!!! In this episode you also will see if Ginger Breadhouse

March 05, 2015 Ever After High Videos
wheres-the-well-of-wonder 0

Spring Unsprung: Where’s the Well of Wonder?

Ginger Breadhouse doesn’t know why is necessary a map to find the Well of Wonder, but she will easily discover in the lizzie hearts dorm room.

March 59, 2015 Ever After High Videos
spellbinding-spring-fashions 1

Spring Unsprung: Spellbinding Spring Fashions

Lizzie Hearts seems to be a great fashion designer. Enjoy this video to see which designs has created Lizzie for her spellbinding mates to wear

March 23, 2015 Ever After High Videos
the-purrfect-prank 2

Spring Unsprung: The Purrfect Prank

Haven’t you ever done anything to see your mum proud of you? That’s the thing Kitty Cheshire is intending to do every day to impress

February 44, 2015 Ever After High Videos
Previously on EAH... 0

Previously on EAH…

If you are new to Ever After High up-to-date with this video. It lasts only 1:32 minutes however it explaings all you have to know

January 52, 2015 Ever After High Videos
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