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baking-and-entering 1

Baking and Entering

In case you don’t know, in the last chapter, the girls who were invited at the exclusive Blue Moon Forest Fest, were walking through the woods

May 03, 2015 Ever After High Videos
through-the-woods-video 3

Through the Woods

Do you remember that Ashlynn Ella got an exclusive invitation to attend the Blue Moon Forest Fest? Well, not only her, this other girls will also

May 10, 2015 Ever After High Videos
just-sweet 2

Just Sweet

Daring Charming can’t still believe he has a date with Raven. However, he isn’t only the one who is nervous about that…Raven too. So…she needs

May 37, 2015 Ever After High Videos
chosen-with-care 1

Chosen with Care

Have you ever been stressed for finding the right shoes for a big bash? Well this is the situation of Ashlynn Ella, who is attending

April 33, 2015 Ever After High Videos
an-hexclusive-invitation-video 2

An Hexclusive Invitation

Do you know what’s Blue Moon Forest Fest? Well, don’t worry if you don’t because all the students of Ever After High know about it,

April 41, 2015 Ever After High Videos
ashlynn-fashion-frolic 2

Ashlynn’s Fashion Frolic

Wow! Today at Ever After High a Fashion Show! You will see the ability of Ashlynn Ella as a fashion designer. The dresses are awesome

March 55, 2015 Ever After High Videos
save-the-wonder 0

Spring Unsprung: Save the Wonder

Cerise Hood, Raven Queen, Briar Beauty and Holly O’Hair, seem to be the only ones aware of the big problem that is threating school students.

March 37, 2015 Ever After High Videos
somethings-wicked-at-ever-after-high 0

Spring Unsprung: Something’s wicked at Ever After High

Ever After High students are acting totally upside down. There’s something very strange attacking people at The Book End. Have fun watching how this fairy students

March 42, 2015 Ever After High Videos
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