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Thronecoming Episode 12


More than 30 minutes of spellbinding entertainment which you will enjoy with the Ever After Thronecoming Special! Join Ever After girls in this wonderful adventure

November 43, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Kitty Curious Tale 3

Kitty’s Curious Tale

Is not always easy to know when a person is acting Royally or Rebelly, so this can be a problem when you want to know

October 59, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Cerice's Picnic Panic webisode 11

Cerice’s Picnic Panic

Have you ever wondered how is Cerice’s family? In this new webisode you will meet her parents at a nice picnic…but will it be as they

September 26, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Duchess Swan's Lake webisode 3

Duchess Swan’s Lake

This is a new webisode starring Duchess Swan, the daughter of Swan Queen. See what happens when Duchess Swan discover that her lake is covered

September 19, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Lizzie Shuffles the deck video 3

Lizzie Shuffles The Deck

Here is a new chapter starring Lizzie Hearts. Do you think Lizzie is an evil person? Although she is a Royal, sometimes she seems to

August 56, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Apple's Princess Practice 3

Apple’s Princess Practice

This is an episode exclusively dedicated to Apple White. How do you imagine an Apple typical day? Go with apple in this video and she

August 09, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Lizzie Hearts fairytale first date 6

Lizzie Hearts Fairytale First Date

As we had announced some days before… Daring Charming and Lizzi Hearts have a date! What an incredible one! Now we have the webisode to

July 00, 2014 Ever After High Videos
Maddie's Hat-Tastic Party 5

Maddie’s Hat-Tastic Party

There is something wrong at Wonderland groove and Maddeline Hatter is aware of that. Her friends and she have to do something to give a

July 24, 2014 Ever After High Videos
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