Catching Raven


C.A. Cupid wonders what is up with Dexter Charming. She comes across with him, and sees that he is hidden behind his locker. Do you know what is he exactly doing? He is secretly watching Raven Queen!!Dexter could not be much happier if he could go to the page-ripping party with Raven but..he does not have enough courage to ask her to be his date.

Although, there are other girls at the school, seems that Dexter has only eyes for Raven. However, because of his diffidence, he finds easily to ask other girls to be his date…

Discover who will finally be his date in this Chapter!!!

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  1. I love it when raven stand up for herself and didn’t want to end up like her mom, she want her own happy ending like other teenaged girls or little girls

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