C.A. Cupid Through the Woods Doll


This is CA Cupid for the new doll line Through the Woods.

For this line Cupid has has her usually pink hair with a really cute French berets.

She wears a little pink cape with hearts pattern on it, which ends with beautiful frills. Her bodice is black with pink heart arrow pattern with a black belt. Her tube skirt has black and pink grungy forest design.


For her wings it is plain white there isn’t no shading as in some of the previous dolls. This time, wings are hold by her necklace so that she can put on her wings when she wears this beautiful gold piece on the neck.

She brings two accessories with her, like this pink heart shaped binoculars


And her pink and gold lantern.


Her almost knee high boots are in gold as usual cupid’s shoes.


As you can see this doll line comes in a new packaging shape, first time different from the previous ones.


She also comes with her stand and her hairbrush.

What do you think about her??

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