C.A. Cupid Thronecoming Doll


When C.A. Cupid found out that she was on the thronecoming court she knew exactly what she wanted to wear: an entire outfit inspired by her family whose is ever so supportative. For example , the strap of her purse is not braided leather, is a strip of laurel leaves, just like the ones her uncle wears.

CA Cupid Thronecoming doll dress

Each of her cheeks have little hearts and of course she has her little heart on her lips. Her pink hair has little wisps and purple sparkly strips in it that makes her hair pop. It looks super awesome with the two tones of pink the light and the almost white hair combination with a ponytail. Her double piercing earrings are giant wings with little hearts coming down below it.

She has crazy wings and they have a little heart on the back which hook to her necklace that goes around her neck, really cool.

Definitely her color theme is pink, bronze, black and white.ca-cupid-thronecoming-doll-close-up

The mask is so awesome it has two little pegasus right at the top and is very detailed, and it looks very good on her too.


Her shoes are so awesome, they go almost after her knees!


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  1. I thought about getting her and making her the daughter of the FairyGod mother in Ashlynn’s story, If my mom will let me.

  2. Ok ok I have a question where are raven queen and apple white throne coming dolls also congratulations raven queen on throne coming queen

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