C.A. Cupid Secrets Game


This is a very complete game that has C.A. Cupid as it’s main character!

First, the game makes you to find the hidden objects that you need to make Cupid a beauty session. Once finded all the objects, within the time, the object that you need to select to apply to Briar’s face will be appearing slowly. As fast you can go better results you get.

It does not finish yet! Now you have to overcome the second step. It is a memory and matching game with the dresses that is weraring C.A. Cupid. She will be appearing on the screen heach time with a different dress that you will have to find and click into the dress panel.

And now it is the time for the third step. You win! Now you can see Briar with new and different dresses with a magic touch and color, also you can change her all the accesories.

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