C.A. Cupid Doll – First Wave


This doll is C.A. Cupid from Monster High, who moved some days ago to Ever After High School. May you already know that she is the daughter of Eros the Good of Love, and comes from the Greek Mithology.

Cupid wants to help other students to solve their love problems. She is very kind person and she believes her magic is help people to listen to their heart more than using her arrow to make a person fall in love.

When she moved from Monster High, she also changed her look and outfit. She wears a soft pink dress, with a crossed top and an arrow pattern on the skirt. Her tights are in black and her shoes with wings are gold. All her accessories are also in gold and includes the arrow to make people fall in love. However, the heart she has on the top of her head is purple. Her wings are like an angel, full of feathers.

Now her hair is longer and soft pink. Click here if you want to compare her look change from MH to EAH.

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  1. But,how could she be a monster? I don’t like MH,and she’s so pretty! I think she never should have been a monster! And it would make more since if she was an angel’s daughter!

  2. I absolutely LOVE monster high, I like this look but her mh look is much better in my opinion. I’ll. Pass on this one *sigh* back to the MH page. Later 🙂

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