C.A. Cupid Arrives at Ever After High


May you know the news about C.A. Cupid, she has already arrived in Ever After High episodes, and she comes with a new look and outfit. She looks so beautiful, now her hair is longer and her wings are like an angel. Her dad Mt. Olumpus told her this new assignment and she is so exited to start this new chapter in so enchanting place. She would love to help Ever After High students about her heart’s desires. So while she is in Ever After High she is not going to do the radio show.

Here you can see the change of C.A. Cupid character from Monster High to Ever After High. She has a new look with long hair style. She wears a new dress more likely to be a Greek tunic as were their ancestors, with pink shoulders. Now the shape of her wings are softer made of feathers and her jewelry and accessories are now gold instead of black.

Two images of ca cupid character to see the her change from monster high to ever after high
C.A. Cupid ever after high new look

Had you ever seen her radio show room? So here it is! This lovely room with lots of hearts full of pink. Even the chair is a heart. Her studio will be closed for sometime, while she is in Ever After High.

pink room where cupid does her radio show, with her desk, books, and chair
CA Cupid radio show room

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  1. I believe that you will be much more appreciated at Ever After High. Plus, I love your outfit at Ever After High!!!

  2. this is unbelievable, why have they put her in ever after high?, they could make her a sister or something to go in ever after high?

  3. the portal she took to get to ever after high was one way. she can’t go back to monster high as her destiny is at ever after high. although I do agree she looks much better at EAH.

  4. Love C.A Cupid in both shows at least in ever after high she getting reconized more in monster high you barly saw her

  5. I love C.A. but I wish Dexter was her boyfriend. They belong together people!:) I like Monster High, but I like Ever After way better.

  6. I started liking Monster High after C.A. Cupid left so I didn’t get to see much of her. Not because I hated her, but because I LOVED Ever After High and was always watching that. I saw her in E.A.H. and wondered what Monster High was so I started watching that. I thought she was going to stay at E.A.H.

  7. I think that she looks good in both shows.she doesnt portal to EAH it’s just that’s the way they made it ,EAH and MH are made by the same people. so they put her in both shows.

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