Briar Beauty Thronecoming doll and Playset


Briar Beauty Thronecoming doll is sold with the Tronecomig Playset.

Her hair is mainly brown with pink and purple streaks, it’s nice and wavy with a silky smooth.

She’s got purple and pink around her eyes with pinky lips and a super cute little star on her cheek.

Looking at her jewelry, she’s also got chandelier flower earrings and a double finger pink ring


Her outfit is so pretty, it’s got black vines over the bodice with silver flowers decorating all the top and ending forming a belt. At the top of her skirt there’s a short crinoline pink layer and the skirt has a beautiful vine design with strong material.

She wears black gloves on her arms with a silver flower cuff matching her belt design.

And onto her shoes she has this beautiful heels that have vines all wrapped around her ankles.


Briar Beauty’s playset is book shaped. She comes out from the spine cover.


Open it and see the magic!!

There’s Briar’s room with lots of accessories, there’s one real hanger which you can use to hang a dress. You can also play in the thronecoming dance party with the DJ booth. There is also a fence door which looks like an enchanted garden.


The balcony is in the enchanted forest with a beautiful sunset and a castle scenery. It comes with a ladder to climb up to the balcony.


There’s a cute real table as well as some accessories with you can stuck on it like a cup cake, a cake with a gold plate, a red and purple cup and a hand mirror.

It also comes with a royal silver chair which is being used for Briar in the picture below.

Briar’s bed is also included. It’s got a flower headboard and the pillow has a B on there. The sheets have all flower design. A cool part about this bed is that if you flip it over it turns into a cute storage area where you can keep all the littel accessories.

Here you can see Briar and her playset in the cardboard box.

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