Briar Beauty & Madeline Hatter’s Story Book Covers


Here are the first new pictures of the ebook covers for Briar Beauty’s Story Book and Madeline Hatter’s Story Book.

Like you can see, Briar Beauty one is pink colored, her favorite color, and also have a rose drawed on it, closely related to her mother’s tale: The Sleeping Beauty. It is going to be released in August 20.

About Madeline Hatter’s Story book you can see that is in light blue and has a really representative element of her: the tea cup. You know she comes form the Alice in the Wonderland tale where the tea time is very valued. This ebook will be released on September 3.

We will have to wait until then to read these wonderful stories.

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  1. Emily, annie legazapi ,and briarlover1 you can get it at best buy or walmart or even toys R us that’s where I got the whole series at, I just got finish reading the whole a rebals story its awesome

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