Briar Beauty Hat-Tastic Party Doll


She is..Briar Beauty with a tea-riffic wonderland fashion style! She comes in a turquoise box that defines all of the dolls of the Hat-Tastic doll line.

Let’s see very detailedly how is her new outfit..

She has a headband with a pink hat with rose details. Her hair is blue with beautiful pink highlights in the front, a few on the back and even in the bangs, so she has a more pink hair than in her last dolls.

For her outfit she has a black lace and pink top with a pink bodice and the black lace on top, and the sleeves are very cool pink and ruffled. Then, for her skirt, it has two layers, the upper one is a white and pink layer with roses, teaspoons and polka dots. For the bottom part it is just pink with lots of teapots going all around.

For her face, she is wearing some pink lipstick and some pink eye make-up. Her jewelry consists in a little black earrings rose shaped, a silver necklace with a rose pendant on the front, and then she has a twisted black belt, as well as black gloves. Her purse is turquoise with a pink handle. She also brings two teacups and a teapot ready for the party!

And then finally, her shoes have black strips, pink ruffled shoe and silver detailing at the heels.

Briar Beauty Hat-Tastic Party Doll

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