Blondie’s Just Right


Headmaster Grimm entrusts Blondie Lockes to prove that Ever After High’s legends are true using her MirrorCast.¬†Headmaster Grimm is worried about the thoughts of the students after the Legacy Day incidents.

Blondie Lockes is very excited with this new work and she starts as fast as she can on this. You will see some of the students proving that usually known legends are true like that the troll tears make awsome shampoo or that giants are terrible dancers…watch this video to see if they are wrong or just right.

In this episode you will know a little more about Duchess Swan where she is part of Swan Lake as the next Odette. Also you will see in action another character, he is Sparrow Hood, the son of Robin Hood.

Watch video: Blondie’s Just Right

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  1. I think the school legends were wrong or just right. Because well…. the headmaster said if someone could use her MirrorCast to prove the school legends to be true. But if I were Blondie, I’m going to need my headset. You know, like those headphones with the little microphone. I could use it so that I could help Blondie to prove that the school legends at Ever After High to be true.

  2. Hello, fellow fairytales. With Blondie today is Cedar Wood. And she’s going to help Blondie prove one of the school legends. It’s totally true! Troll tears….. make awesome shampoo. Maybe you didn’t use enough Blondie? You see, what have she told ya?

    Day 35: They’re here in the tronitorium to prove another of the school legends. Giants are terrible dancers. Helping out Blondie and me….. is Duchess Swan….and Tiny. The legend is proved.

    Day 36: With a help of Sparrow Hood, we’re going to prove, by playing just the right song, will soon that Fairisen Griffin to leaving its nest. Legend Accomplished!

  3. Blondie no offence but you should be a lot smarter. Blondie is trying to convince people that the legends are true,but little does she know that it is all a trap

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