Blondie Lockes Thronecoming Doll


“Wanna know why I love my story? It’s not the yummy porridge or royally comfortable beds. I mean, it’s those things, too, but what makes my story extra spellbinding is…the bears! They’re just so cute and cuddly, even when they’re snarling and growling and chasing you. I just had to make my mask in honor of them. It’s only just right!” – Says Blondie.


So now, you already know why Blondie Lockes chooses a bear-themed outfit to attend the Thronecoming event. Let’s see how is this outfit:

Her hairdo have two honey buns on heach side with some hair down and sparkly strips. Although Blondie is really confident with her hair, belive it or not, when it came to how to style her hair for thronecoming, she was lost in the woods. It had to match her bear-inspired utfit so she put her hair in the hands ofthe only fairy tale she could trust…the hottest hair stylist Ever After, Holly O’hair. She tied on Blondie three different hairdos which you will see in the story bookmark that comes with her.

Looking at her make up, she has light pink eyeshadow with sparkles on the top, and she has got little gem designs on the cheeks, as the other thronecoming dolls.

She wears blue giant earrings matching her blue purse and her blue gloves. At the end of each glove she has gold decorations and flowers on one of her wrists like the other dolls in this line.

Since her outfit is bear-themed she has like bear fur on the shoulders, it’s really cool. Her gold neck piece is so detailed.

She wears a big puffy dress with little bears pattern, of course in blue and gold.

Blondie Lockes Thronecoming also comes with golden stand and gold brush and of course her mask, also in gold with a little blue bow on the top.

What do you think about her?


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