Blondie Lockes Doll – First Wave


This doll is Blondie Lockes, the daughter of Goldilocks, the character from the story of The Three Bears.

Blondie is energetic and very social and she runs a school blog called Mirror Cast with her MirrorPad, the Ever After High equivalent of a tablet.

Her dress has an old-fashioned style full of blue bows. On the cream colored bodice she has a pattern with different types of beautiful old keys and her bell-shaped skirt is decorated with little bears drawn on it. All obvious references to her mother’s story.

Her purse is heart shaped and has a lock hole in the middle. She wears a simple golden bracelet and ring and a blue bow at the top of her hair.

The doll comes with a doll stand, doll hairbrush and a diary with her story.

Blondie lockes doll with background

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  1. I didn’t get her. She will be released Jan.14,2014. Sorry I put “Me,too!”,I didn’t know I was replying to my own comment!

  2. She is my Favorite in Ever After High. I like this doll of her and I hope they make a Legacy Day Blondie doll it would be so cool and I would get her!!!!!!

  3. OMG! I love Goldie Locks, and I might want to buy her! but I’m not sure about her hair…. It seems like it would get frizzy, and tangly really easily. Does anybody own her that could give me some advice on her hair, clothes, and rating so I know what I’m getting into before I buy her?


  4. Shes really pretty. I’am pretty sure she’s me favorite. THe sad thing is i don’t have any dolls but i would really like to get some. Which i’am really excited about. The thing is target has some and i looked on there website it says that she doesn’t come with the book, a doll hairbrush, or the doll stand! I got sad when i found that out. Has anyone bought her from target and if so can you tell me what she comes with?
    Thanks everyone,
    Jessie =-D

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