Best Feather Forward


What you will find in this video is a nice story inspired by an old expression: Pay it forward. This chapter will give you the inspiration to be kind to others and help them disinterestedly.

Different characters, like Apple White, Humphrey Dumpty and Duchess Swan, will interact helping each other …and the best part of it is.. to whom will Duchess have to pay it forward?

This is maybe the first time that we see Humphrey Dumpty roling in a chapter. Humpty Dumpty is the son of Humpty Dumpty from the nursery rhyme of the same name

And remember…it’s important to pay it forward, now it’s your turn to do something nice for someone else!

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  1. In the book ” next top villain” , she is actually nice. But I don’t want to ruin the book for those of you who want to read it

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