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This beautiful girl is the daughter of Cinderella. She is Ashlynn Ella and she is mad about shoes..because of her mothers story. Consequently she is dedicated to the Glass Slipper Shoe Store in the Village of Book End, where she has a job.

Ashlynn thinks that ture love should happen naturaly but she is still keeping her secret love with Hunter Huntsman. She loves nature she usually enjoy long strolls in the Enchanted Forest and get dirty with the earth to plant something.

Her pet is a phoenix named Sandella.

Ashlynn Ella Card

Ashlynn Ella Mirror:

Side: Royal

Parent’s Story: Cinderella

Roommate: Briar Beauty

Her Secret Heart’s desire: Naturally she would like to find true love, Her glass slipper can’t be picked up by just anyone. She doesn’t care if he’s royalty, just as long as he’s her soul mate.

Her “Magic” Touch:  She thinks that all fairytale princesses can call animals, but she can actually think with them and pants, too! Fairies, pixies, you name it. She feels she is conected to nature.

Her Storybook Romance Status: Hunter Huntsman. He is her knight in shining armor. But she has to keep it a secret…because since she is a princess he is not a prince, so they could get in serious trouble.

Her ”Oh Course” Moment: she says that if she is ever late for clas, her hexquisitely clena dresses bursts into filthy old rags. She knows it is part of her story, but what a fairy-fail!

Her Favourite Subject: Enviromental Magic, It is her royal responsability to take care of the world around her.

Least Favourite Subject:  Princessology. She knows her legacy is important, but going to class to learn to “behave royally”? What-ever-after!

Her Best Friends Forever After: Lots of people are her friends..Apple White, Raven Queen..but Hunter Huntsman is the only one who really understands me.

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  1. Ashlynn Ella is the best character in the franchise since Frankie Stein of Monster High

  2. well i like monster high and ever after high but i dont think ashlynn is the best i think frankie is

  3. ashlynn ella this is why she is pretty smart loves animals has a grate style she loves shoes and her mom is Cinderella and my thoughts are ashlynn ella is way better than her mom she has her own style of everything she does repost if u like this

  4. oh almost forgot she is the only one with a boy friend so far and secretly even better im a mager fan of ashlynn ella and please write your fave charitor out of ashlynn ella , cleo danille , apple white , Frankie, raven queen, luna,briar beauty , clawdeen wolf, maddie hatter, blondie locks, ceader wood ,

  5. ashlynn ella rules

    I think ashlynn ella is the best because she’s a natural beauty and so am
    I,and we both are insane about shoes.

  6. Ashlynn reminds me of Draculaura soo much for the following reasons:
    1. Both are Vegans
    2. Both are really caring
    3. Both are dating someone so a person would be against them dating for their own good but that person would come around in the end.
    4. They’re both my favorite characters from MH and EAH

  7. since Ashlynn is the daughter of Cinderella and Prince Charming, wouldn’t that make Daring and Dexter her brothers?

  8. Joscelyn_Ashlynn Ella

    I ver likeeeeee youuuuu aaaaaassssshhhhhlllllyyyyynnnn eeeeeeelllllllaaaaa <3

  9. I really love ashlynn. She’s m’y favorite character. I love her, i love her and i love her !!! P.S.:she’s also the best doll ever !!! 😀

  10. Ashlynn ella lover :D

    I love her she’s the best character ever i love her and i love the doll too REALLY COOL:D

  11. My favorite thing about Ashlynn is everything and my fave thing about Blondie is everything too!!

  12. Ashlynn is one of my favorite’s! My fave thing about Ashlynn is everything, my fave thing about Apple is she is so nice, my fave thing about Raven is that she likes music, my fave thing about Cedar is that she is deffrent from the others, my fave thing about Blondie is that she is Just Right, my fave thing about Briar is her dress, and my fave thing about Madeline is her madness.