Apple’s Tale: The Story of a Royal


In this chapter you will find the story of Apple White. Know about her Royal destiny and the most exiting day for her: the Legacy Day.

But she will flip in trouble if other tales don’t want to follow their destiny, as it happens with Raven Queen, who is not sure about her mother’s evil destiny. Would Apple have her Happily Ever After?

Watch video:¬†Apple’s Tale: The Story of a Royal

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  1. Apple White seems conceded and some what stuck up she does not think of what happens to the evil queen all the people fear her and she is basically shunned. do what’s right for others not your self.

    • Madeline Hatter

      I agree, Raven should choose who she wants to be. Does Apple understand what it’s like to be hated?

  2. Apple, I think the truth is, Raven wants have her own “Happily Ever After”. And the headmaster did say that all of the students to follow the paths set out of force. And he did say it’s the only the way to keep their world safe. And well…….you might be right. And I’m feeling well….scared, but I’m 13 years old. Raven’s evil and I her just the way she is.

  3. bira beauty 750

    I love this video it’s totally cool but I think raven was doing the wrong thing because Apple white wouldn’t have a ever after unless she follow she mother foot stepps

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