Apple’s Birthday Bake-Off


Here we bring you the next chapter! It’s very fun!

The students are getting fairest because they’re celebrating the perfectly charming Apple’s Birthday!

Apple is looking forward to celebrate her “Royal Cake Baking Contest” which Raven wants to join this year too.  In fact she wants to make the most excellet Apple Crown Cake using sugar, cinnamon and a little bit of love…And when Apples knows that Raven doesn’t want to poison her..she gets upset! How does the daughter of the Evil Queen doesn’t to do that?

At that point Briar Beauty wants to help her BFFA making sure she has the best birthday ever after!!!!

Watch video: Apple’s Birthday Bake-Off

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  1. I can’t believe it! Briar is trying to make Raven know she’s trying to poison her. Briar should’ve remembered since Legacy Day Raven decided to rewrite her destiny. And Ashllyn’s got a point.

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