Apple White Thronecoming Doll


If you want to know Apple White dress story, read the following lines which are an extract of the bookmark she brings in her box:

“Knowing what I wanted to wear to Thronecoming was never an issue. The trouble was finding someone in the village of Book End who could custom-make my dress in just the right way. I mean, it was a pretty simple request… a four layer snow fox-inspired dress with an apple red bottom overlayed with a red-glittered chiffon sheer overlayed with a fox-filigree golden brocade overlayed with a sheer metallic print and complimented with a snow fox shrug ( but faux fur, of course, not real). It shouldn’t have been that hard to make. And yet, every dress-maker and seamstress looked at me like I asked them to not follow their destiny! they were so last chapter.

Just when I thought my luck had runout, I noticed a shop called The valient Tailor. I told him what I wanted, and he got right to work! when he was finished, the dress was beyond fairest! “


As you can see in the following pictures Apple is wearing a sparkly gown in celebration of Thronecoming a snow fox-inspired dress designed by her.

Is an amazing dress with lots of layeres with Apple’s colors: Red, white, gold and black.


See how her face looks like with the mask on.


Her purse seems like a snow fox tail.


As always she is wearing a beautiful pair of shoes in black and red ribbons.


Here you can see her, in the Thronecoming packaging line.


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