Apple White Hat-Tastic Party Doll


This is the 4rt Apple White doll that has been released. She is going to Maddeline’s tea party and she is tea-rifficly dressed for Madide’s Hat-tastic Party in a modern tea-sinpired dress. ¬†This doll looks really cool and fun and she comes in a turquoise box.

She wears a normal gold hair with red highlights with a fableous headband with a little hat and a giant bow. Her skirt has tea party-and-cupcake-inspired print in brilliant colors complemented by a lacy black hem.

An iconic heart decorates her chain necklace, white cuff bracelets suit her black gloved hands and mesh socks are magical with golden-heeled strappy shoes.

Red apples and golden crowns are all over the details which are personalized tea set inspired by icons of her story.

The pink little purse does not open.

Spellbinding details include:

  • Gold stand
  • Gold brush hair
  • Red and gold Teapot & Teacups

Apple White Hat-Tastic Party Doll

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  1. Why do people still think Apple is selfish even after the TC episode she doesn’t want Raven to sign the book for her for everyone that’s what she said.

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