Apple White Fainting Couch Playset


The first playset of Apple White is this fantastic Roayl couch of the Getting Fairest Collection, the first Ever Afer High slef care doll line.

Here you can see Apple sitting and relaxing on her red and white couch, under the crown structure that drops a tulle courtain. At her back rests an apple shaped pillow with her initials AW embroided on it. Even her mirror has a base to hold it. This couch is very complete, in fact, Apple can keep her clothes in the drawers under the couch and her jewels into another little drawer on the arm of the couch.



The design of the couch matches perfectly to Apple’s White style, with golden decorations all over it and black and white cushions with some black. Ribbons and apples in each detail.

This playset includes little accessories for the doll like glasses, laptop, a book, jewelry and a key.



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