Apple White Character


Apple White is the one of the mainly characters of Ever After High. She is the daughter of Snow White from the famous tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

She can’t wait for her destiny, she wants to became the queen she has to be. She loves her role to continue her legacy so she will try to do her best to get it. Of course she also loves apples. She may be the fairest one in the halls, but her beauty is definitely more than skin deep. She is a natural born leader, loves woodland creatures and treats her responsibilities as the future queen royally seriously.

Apple White Ever After High card

Apple White Mirror

Side: Royal

Parent’s Story: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Roommate: Raven Queen

Secret Heart’s desire: She wants people to know she as the fairest one of all on the inside as well as the outside. Like her mom always says, “My beauty’s not  just skin deep”.

Her “Magic” Touch: Whenever she bats her eyes or sing a song, boys and animals can’t help but come to her rescue. She wants to bring out the hero in everyone.

Storybook Romance Status: Everyone at school thinks Prince Darling Charming and she are dating. Just because her story ends with them getting married doesn’t mean they’re an item.

“Oh Courses!” Moment: She really can’t resist apples. She royally lose control when she see one. Yummy!

Favourite Subject: Cooking Class-ic! She swears someone keeps trying to slip poison into her food.

Best Friends Forever After: Briar Beatuy and Blondie Lockers.


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  1. she’s so beautiful. look at her: her blond hair blowing in the wind, her eyes sparkling in the sun, and her beautiful dress as bright as the sun. great now I am talking like I am Prince Charming.

  2. I find that Apple is a very kind character and a natural leader,although I’m a rebel. It seems like she is just a social butterfly, just like me!!

  3. she is so sweet romantic and just like her mother! apple white sounds so much like me I love apples and can’t resist them,always get attention from boys when I bat my eyes and sing,and act exactly like a royal princess!(perked up!:) we are so like twins!

  4. Hi every subject, I am Apple White. You are all so sweet. Some of you said that you are just like me, but do you like my mom, Snow White. But of course I love my mom, Snow White. I hope when I grow up I will be the fairest of them all like my mom, and have my “Happily Ever After!” I hope Raven Queen doesn’t mess it up! (Raven Queen is the daughter of the Evil Queen!) Thank you all for the comments! You are all Royals and Rebles!

  5. I am a half Royal and half Rebel girl. I’d like a great destiny,but I understand how the Rebels feel.

  6. Apple White, you are nothing but a self- conceited pretty face. Don’t you see that not everyone can be as fortunate as you? Why try to rub it in our faces and force us to embrace our destiny, when our story has nothing to do with you! You call it being a leader, I call it being totally bossy!

  7. I am more Royal! I’d never break rules or anything,just,it’s sad to think of having such a terrible future!